Foshan Top Aluminum Import and Export Co., a global trading company founded in  2017,   located in the aluminum hometown Dali hometown,  Foshan city Guangdong

province China.

Our company owns many factories manufacture backgrounds, mainly sells aluminumproduction machinery equipment and related accessories,   aluminum extrusion products

and so on,   including aluminum billet melting and casting equipment,   extrusion press

equipment and heavy forging partsoil cylinder, main cylinder,container, stem, etc), all sets handling system ( billet hot shear furnace , quenching system ,  puller,  stretcher,

cooling table ,finish saw ,aging oven), aluminum surface treatment equipment(all kinds of oxidation electrophoresis equipment, powder coating equipment,process conveying equipment,  pollution  treatment  equipment  and  consumables ) ,  aluminum    fitting

( aluminum  production  line  for high temperature felts and saws ) .  With  strict  quality

system and full service tracking ,We win many customers all over the world and make our stable agents and customers.


Our company has a top sales group, professional technical engineer team.We provide

customers  with  professional  customized  equipment  proposal ,   also  the  overseas

installation equipment and commissioning, professional technical knowledge training, to

achieve  one-stop  services .  We  are the  TOP ALUMINUM  equipment  marketing and

after-sale  experts,   wholeheartedly for our customers with best products  and the best

quality service.

wholeheartedly for our customers with best products and the best quality service.